Adobe have announced that they will begin to phase out its Flash plugin by the end of 2020. Once used by many for playing games and watching videos, it is now seen by many as an open door for hackers to infect computers. With an increase in the use of HTML5, flash is becoming more redundant, especially as it can make content available on a webpage without a user having to install a plugin.

Over the years Apple has helped in the demise of Flash. Apple’s iOS has never supported Flash and the late Steve Jobs wrote a letter about its shortcomings in security, performance and reliability.

HTML5 is now fast enough, more secure and more power efficient to be a viable alternative to Flash.

There is a flip side of positives for Flash and it served its purpose for some time.

In 2005, when Adobe purchased Flash from Macromedia, it could be found on over 98% of personal computers! On Chrome the current usage is just 17%.

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